Featuring a preview to next Tuesday’s Gowl G?all-iStrina

After a one week absence, Replay returns on NET TV this Sunday at 21:10 with more goals, action and controversy. Latest news and details about the All Stars Match in Gowl G?all-iStrina to take place this coming Tuesday at the Hibernians Stadium will be divulged.

The event, with the participation of the crème de la crème of Premier League football, is a joint venture between Replay’s production team, MFA, the Premier League Standing Committee and the Youth FA. His Excellency the President of the Republic, Dr ?or? Abela, will meet the participants and kick-off the match.

During the show, an auction of all the Premier League teams’ shirts signed by the entire squad will be held. Bidding for keen local football lovers will start off at €50 for each short. All proceeds should help increase the coffers for l-iStrina.

Apart from all this, Replay will also focus on all the BOV Premier League games as tight clashes are abound in what has turned out to be a very nerve-wrecking campaign ahead of the final phase. Special guests this Sunday will be high-flying Tarxien’s coach, Noel Coleiro, Qormi Vice President, Victor Camilleri and Mosta FC coach and Replay pundit, Oliver Spiteri. They will be joined by regular popular analysts, Hugh Caurana and Konrad Sultana.

Viewers are encouraged to check out Replay’s website www.replayonline.tv, which is updated regularly, and also share their views about various topics and other related matters through email on replay@nettv.com.mt. Alternatively, they can voice their opinion through text messages on 50617092 during the programme. By doing so, they can win one of several weekly prizes. Also by logging on Replay’s facebook group during the show viewers can interact with other football fans watching the show. If you are not a member of this group then do join now and keep yourself updated with the latest information and news related to Malta’s favourite Sunday Sports show.

Replay is co-produced by Christian and ?or? Micallef, with Vannesa Mizzi and Stephen Chircop being the visual editors, and Jeremy Dalli directing. Kris Scicluna, Roderick Vella and Simon Borda assist the production team.
Replay will not be broadcast on Sunday 26th December, 2010 due to L-iStrina live coverage.