Mgarr Football Ground inaugurated

The artificial turf pitch, flood-lighting system and the new dressing-rooms at the Mgarr Football Ground were officially inaugurated on Saturday by Parliamentary Secretary for Youth and Sport Clyde Puli and MFA President Norman Darmanin Demajo.

The Mgarr Football Ground, which has been the training ground of Mgarr United since 1980, is a full-size soccer pitch with an excellent floodlighting system, FIFA-approved artificial turf and equipped with five dressing-rooms, technical and fitness facilities. The first aid room, referee room and the administration office also form part of the ground facilities, helping to make the complex at the Mgarr Ground an ideal for competitive matches and training centre.

The artificial turf has been financed by the M.F.A and the Government as the club was granted funds by the National Lotteries Good Causes Fund.

The flood-lighting system and the new dressing rooms were made possible with the help of many volunteers, donors and companies who have offered their work.

Distinguished guests attending the ceremony, included MP Philip Mifsud, Ludovico Micallef, CEO Bjorn Vassallo, KMS Chairman Bernard Vassallo, former MFA president Dr. Joe Mifsud and Dr Peter Fenech.

The Mgarr Parish Priest Fr. Anton Borg blessed the commemorative plaque.

Addressing the media on Friday, Mgarr Youth Nursery President Paul Vella said the completion the Mgarr Football Ground was a dream that came true for the Mgarr community and is proud of being part of this project.

The club’s first Secretary Jimmy Vella gave a brief account of the previous facilities available to the club through the years and described the new facilities as a new milestone for this small club which always made miracles when considering the funds available.

Mgarr United F.C. President thanked all helpers and volunteers that helped in the completion of the project and described all stages of works which took nearly eighteen months for the final completion of works.

A new website dedicated to the Mgarr Football Ground was launched – The website, created by Frederick Muscat, provides the necessary information about the complex.

Former club secretary and founder Joe Schembri was remembered with Jimmy Vella saying that Schembri would have been extremely proud of this achievement.

A football match between a selection of former national team players and a selection of former Mgarr United players was then held at the Mgarr Football Ground.