Manolito Micallef voted as the club's best player

Floriana FC is pleased to announce that captain Manolito Micallef has been voted by the supporters as the club Player of the Year for the 2010/2011 season.

The election was held during the yearly Annual General Meeting. After all the points were tallied, points were awarded or deducted depending on how the player performed during the season. Points were awarded or deducted according to the number of appearances as well as the disciplinary record of the players during these matches. Micallef finished first in the first tally as well as in the second stage.

Micallef had a brilliant season playing as left back and played 31 games and scored one goal during the 6-1 victory against Vittoriosa Stars. Micallef ended the season by lifting the FA Trophy in the final held on the 22nd May.

The presentation for this award will be held in the annual activity organised before the start of the season. This year this activity will be held on Friday 19th August.

Club President Johann Said together with the Floriana FC Committee would like to congratulate Manolito Micallef on winning this honour as well as wish him all the best for the future at Floriana FC.