New electronic ticketing system to be introduced at stadiums

Plans to have a new electronic ticketing system for admission to the various stadiums are at an advanced stage.

Speaking during a meeting of the Council of the Malta Football Association on Saturday, MFA Treasurer Antoine Portelli explained the reasons behind these plans, mainly that of reducing abuse and having a more modern ticketing system.

The ticketing software has already been identified and the association is aiming at having the system in place when the Premier League kicks-off in the third week of August.

Ticket validators will be installed at all turnstiles and access to the VIP areas in the various stadiums would also be through magnetic cards. Installation of these ticket validators at the turnstiles at the National Stadium, Centenary Stadium, Hibernians Stadium and Victor Tedesco will be carried out in the coming weeks. Eventually similar ticket validators will be installed at the other venues which will be hosting MFA competitions at senior level, namely the Luxol Stadium, Charles Abela Stadium in Mosta, the Sirens Ground and the Rabat Ajax Ground in Mtarfa.

Thanks to this new electronic ticketing system, tickets for football matches will be available for sale online.