Mario Muscat Goalkeepers School moves south

The Mario Muscat Goalkeeper School has been established since 2003. The school offers opportunity to anyone aged seven and more to specialise in the goalkeeper’s techniques under the experienced Mario Muscat and his skilled coaching staff.

Training at the school will start in September but as from this year, training sessions will not only be held at the San Gwann Football Ground but also at the Santa Lucija Ground.

Sessions will be held as follows:
Tuesday 6th September 4.15-5.30pm St Lucia Football Ground
Wednesday 7th September 4.15-5.30 pm San Gwann Football Ground
Thursday 8th September 4.15-5.30 pm San Gwann Football Ground
Friday 9th September 4.15-5.30 pm San Gwann Football Ground

The calendar of activities of the Mario Muscat Goalkeepers’ School is as follows:
September – Medical Test / Physical Test / Parents meeting
October – Nutrition Lecture / Sand Training
December – Girls Goalkeepers Camp / Xmas Penalty Shoot-Out
January – FIFA Goalkeeper’s rules
February – Technical Test
March – Gozo Camp
April – Girls Goalkeepers Camp / Goalkeepers Coaching Training Exhibition
May – Lotto Goalkeepers Battle 2012
June – End of Season Penalty Shoot-Out / Presentation

For more info about Mario Muscat Goalkeepers School for season 2011/2012, please phone 79620045 or email