Instructional meeting for Msida Nursery coaches and helpers

Msida St. Joseph Nursery coaches and helpers attended a one day seminar at Bella Vista Hotel. The seminar was addressed by Twanny Dalli (Uefa A – coach of the Senior Squad) and Christian Bartolo (Uefa B – Nursery Head Coach).

The seminar had 2 main aims – that of passing on the knowledge, which was gathered through the FIFA Seminar for Head Coaches, conducted by Mr.Steve Constantine and also to integrate the new coaches and helpers with the rest of the technical staff, before the start of another football season.

Topics discussed during the seminar were: a) The Youth Coach, b) Nursery Philosophy & Code of Ethics for Coaches, c) Teaching Methods and d) The Youth Player (long term development).

Theoretical sessions were followed by group work based on practical scenarios, so that coaches could immediately apply theory to practice. The attendees also took part in a reflective quiz. All coaches and helpers fully participated in all the sessions. Everyone learned from each other’s feedback.

DVDs with practical age related training sessions, where given to each and every attendee as a token of the learning day together.

Children wishing to join the Msida Nursery are invited to send an email to, visit the Nursery page on Facebook or visit the Nursery premises at Mater Dei School (near Hot Rod Garage) between Monday to Friday from 5pm till 9pm.