Malta to host UEFA Regions Cup mini-tournament

Malta will be hosting Group 5 of the UEFA Regions Cup 2012/13 Intermediate Round later this year following the draws which were held on Monday in Nyon. The team representing Malta will be hosting regional representatives from three former Soviet republics – Latvia, Russia and Moldova.

Matches will be played between 1 August and 31 December 2012 with the selected venues being both in Malta and Gozo.

The competition begins with two preliminary round mini-tournaments. The winners and the best runner-up from the two groups (three sides in total) then transfer to the intermediary round, where the winners of the eight groups will earn a place in the final tournament.

Most participating associations put forward the winners of their domestic amateur tournaments for the competition, which are contested on a regional basis, though smaller associations are permitted to submit national selections. In fact, Malta and San Marino will be taking part with an amateur national team.

Preliminary round
Group A: Kazakhstan, Turkey, Israel, Romania
Group B: Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Wales, Sweden, Northern Ireland

Intermediary round
Group 1: Belarus, France, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovakia,
Group 2: Bulgaria, Winner, preliminary round Group A, Switzerland, Croatia
Group 3: Czech Republic, Hungary, Germany, Scotland
Group 4: Lithuania, Azerbaijan, Serbia, Winner preliminary round Group B
Group 5: Malta, Latvia, Russia, Moldova.
Group 6: San Marino, best runner-up preliminary round, Republic of Ireland, England
Group 7: Ukraine, Slovenia, Belgium, Spain
Group 8: Estonia, Poland, Italy, Finland.