Get-together for former St. Patrick players and coaches

As part of the club’s hundredth anniversary celebrations, St. Patrick FC will be holding a get-together for former players and coaches at the Villa Overhills, Bir?ebbu?a.

Around 200 players who wore the St. Patrick shirt since 1950, fifteen coaches, eleven former presidents and eleven former secretaries are expected to attend.

The club also managed to get in touch with a player from the 30s, a player and club secretary from the 40s and several players from the 1959/60 team.

These players, coaches and officials will be presented with a memento during this activity.

On Sunday, MFA President Norman Darmanin Demajo and current St. Patrick FC President Dr Josie Muscat will unveil a commemorative plaque with the names of the presidents who led the club since the 1st February 1948 when St. Patrick’s Club became St. Patrick FC.

A thanksgiving mass will be held earlier, at 10:15.