Another brick on the wall for Charles Borg in Italy

For the seventh consecutive year, Maltese coach Charles Borg spent another six-week stint working with Italian Serie A club Juventus F.C.

This year besides working in Sestiere and Vinovo, Borg was given the opportunity to work as a Technical Director in the IST International School of Turin in Chieri, where he had the responsibility of around 450 children. He also led all the organization in connection with the training sessions for all the youngsters which were enrolled with the IST International School. This was the first IST Summer Camp which was organized with the collaboration of Juventus F.C technical staff.

Charles Borg, who is now a permanent Technical Advisor within the Juventus Soccer Schools, was once again responsible for the specific training sessions for promising youngsters at Sestiere and Vinovo respectively.

During the sixth week, Borg worked alongside former Serie A players like Attila Malfatti (formerly of Roma and Catania) and Rino Alfieri (formerly Ascoli and Pescara).

During his stay in Turin, Borg had the opportunity to hold talks with Mr. Alessandro Ramello, the Director of all the domestic and international Juventus Soccer Schools.

Charles Borg is currently the Head Coach and Technical Director of the Juventus Soccer School Malta which is enrolled within the National Academy of Juventus. This school has been in full swing for the past two years seasons with more than 65 registered participants per year. Borg is currently striving to engage the Malta branch within the Juventus International Soccer School.

The 2012/13 season will commence of the 21st September 2012.

For the next two seasons, Juventus Soccer School Malta will be represented by Colourbars Ltd. – a local company that specializes in sports events and sports administration managed by Sandro Micallef. The company is currently accepting applications from parents to enroll their children for the 2012 Summer School sessions which are being held at the Marsaxlokk Pitch on Tuesday and Thursdays from 6:30pm till 8:00pm.

Applications can by obtained by contacting Charles Borg – Technical Director of the Juventus International Soccer School Malta on