Gatorade Under-13 Festivals, Inħobb il-Futbol Events launched

The Youth Football Association launched the Gatorade Under-13 Festivals and Inħobb il-Futbol Events last week during a meeting for the section coaches and nursery administrators.

Youth FA vice-president Robert Attard pointed out that some changes were required in order to fine tune the Inħobb il-Futbol Events, which were introduced last season. Attard said that these events were still to be considered as ‘works in progress’ and would continue to evolve and be improved over the coming months. He concluded by reminding those present that these events are not another YFA competition and should not be treated as such.

MFA Technical Director Robert Gatt called for the nurseries to focus their attention on the young players, rather than the results and glory and stressed that the health and safety of the young players should be paramount. Robert Gatt said that after evaluating the situation, the YFA, together with the Technical Centre, will be able to ensure that all the teams particiapating in both the Under-13 Inħobb il-Futbol Events and the Gatorade Festivals will play 11-a-side matches.

Youth FA General Secretary Joe Micallef applauded the nurseries who offered their football grounds to be used, free of charge, for the Gatorade Festivals and the Inħobb il-Futbol Events, in solidarity with those nurseries who do not have full size facilities of their own. He said that one of the new additions to this season’s Under 13 was the participation of two female teams, including one hailing from Gozo. Micallef then proceeded to highlight the rules and regulations for the Under 13s.

The fixtures for both the Under 13 Gatorade Festivals and the Inħobb il-Futbol Events are available on the Youth FA’s website.