Activities organised by Mqabba Youth Nursery

The Mqabba Youth Nursery will be organising a number of activities during the month of December.

The penalty shoot-out will be held on Saturday 22nd December and this will be followed by a football game between parents and coaches.

Trophies will be given to the winners of the various categories in the penalty shoot-out. Linked with this activity is a lottery with attractive prizes will be held in order to raise funds for the nursery.

Parents willing to take part in game between coaches and parents are invited to send an email to

Meanwhile the Christmas party for children aged three to twelve wil be held on Sunday 23rd December between 09:30 and 12:00. Various activities will be held during the party and a gift will be presented to all children.

Tickets for the price of €12 may be obtained from the Nursery.

For more info, visit or visit the Facebook Page Mqabba FC Nursery.