National Team players visit St. Thomas More College

The visit by a group of national team players and an MFA delegation including Technical Director Robert Gatt on Thursday was another successful venture in a series of visits to schools by the national team players. The occasion proved to be very popular with the boys of this secondary school at Hamrun, as was evident by the many young lads who were very pro-active when asking questions to the players and also when requesting their autographs.

The activity started with introductions by Robert Gatt and the Head of School after which the MFA Technical Director presented the Head of School with a national team shirt. The players were then introduced to the students.

Justin Haber’s advice to the boys was for dreams to be followed without any limits being set. Clayton Failla’s message was to never give up while giving their best in everything they do, whatever the sport they practice, while Roderick Briffa besides giving hints to the students about the principles they should follow thanked a PE teacher in the school who used to be an inspiration to him during his lessons.

During the questions session the players recounted their experiences, one of which was the remarkable goal scored by Roderick Briffa in last year’s World Cup qualifier against the Czech Republic. The feeling of playing against well-known footballers, the experience of part-time and full-time professional footballers, and that of playing abroad were also highlighted by the national team players.

The session turned out to be a very endearing experience for the students who proudly exhibited the national team T-shirts and Panini stickers of the Maltese league.

At the end of the visit the MFA delegation met all the PE teachers and assistant heads over an informal discussion about the PE lessons and how they are conducted despite certain constraints. However, the important point made was that all kinds of sports disciplines could be practised.

Photos: Copyright © domenic aquilina / MFA