New committee for Msida St. Joseph

Msida St. JosephMsida St. Joseph FC held their Annual General Meeting on Sunday and discussed the plans for future together with their members.

During the Annual General Meeting the following committee was elected:

President – Mr. Joseph Demarco
Vice-President & 3rd Delegate – Mr. Alan Abela-Wadge
Vice-President – Mr. Anthony Mifsud
Hon. General Secretary & 2nd Delegate – Mr. Keith Abela-Wadge
Hon. Treasurer – Mr. Gerhardt Camilleri
MFA Council Member – Mr. Robert Farrugia
1st Delegate – Mr. Jesmond Abela
Assistant Secretary – Mr. Steve Farrugia
Assistant Treasurer – Mr. Richard Galea
Team Manager – Mr. Stephen Lovegrove
Kit Manager – Mr. Ian Micallef
Committee Members – Mr. Donald Gatt & Mr. Alfred Debono