Premier Division Standing Committee urge Integrity Officer to be specific or withdraw allegations

The Premier Division Standing Committee issued a statement in which they deplored the way how clubs and their officials are being accused of being financed by illegal betting in a most generic matter.

Referring to a newsletter issued by MFA Integrity Officer Franz Tabone which stated that some Premier League clubs were being financed by illegal betting done by club officials, among others. The PDSC said it was unfair that everyone was put in the same basket in Tabone’s newsletter.

The PDSC asked the MFA Integrity Officer to immediately take all necessary measures within football regulations and refer the information to the police or immediately withdraw his statements. This is also in view of another public statement by the MFA Integrity Officer over a former Premier League club president without mentioning his name.

“Otherwise, the PDSC will be making a formal request that its member clubs, or the officials on an individual basis, taking all steps necessary to defend themselves and clear their names.”

The PDSC will be presenting affidavits by the top officials of the respective clubs stating that the clubs are not being financed by illegal betting and that their accounts could be inspected.

Declarations and further affidavits will be presented to deplore corruption in football, both in terms of match-fixing and illegal betting.

“The Premier League clubs stress their full commitment in the fight against corruption and will soon announce initiatives in this regard,” concludes the statement signed by PDSC secretary Mario Debono.