St. Andrews Summer Cup 2017

St. Andrews FC will be once again organising the Summer Cup 2017 between Saturday 22nd July and Friday 4th August.

Taking part are Premier League sides St. Andrews, Gzira United and Lija Athletic and First Division sides Pietà Hotspurs, Qrendi and Zejtun Corinthians.

The tournament will be played on a one-round league basis and all matches will be played at the Luxol Stadium. Matches will be controlled by MFA referees. A trophy will be awarded to the winning team.

Tickets cost €3.

Saturday 22nd July 2017
18:30 Gzira U. vs Lija A.
20:30 St. Andrews vs Zejtun C.

Monday 24th July 2017
18:30 Qrendi vs Pietà H.
20:30 Gzira U. vs St. Andrews

Wednesday 26th July 2017
18:30 Zejtun C. vs Qrendi
20:30 Lija A. vs Pietà H.

Friday 28th July 2017
18:30 Qrendi vs Lija A.
20:30 Zejtun C. vs Gzira U.

Sunday 30th July 2017
18:30 Pietà H. vs St. Andrews
20:30 Gzira U. vs Qrendi

Tuesday 1st August 2017
18:30 St. Andrews vs Lija A.
20:30 Pietà H. vs Zejtun C.

Thursday 3rd August 2017
18:30 Qrendi vs St. Andrews
20:30 Lija A. vs Zejtun C.

Friday 4th August 2017
19:00 Gzira U. vs Pietà H.