MFA replies to MFPA statement

The Malta Football Association makes reference to the statement issued by the Malta Football Players Association (MFPA) earlier on Tuesday on the COVID-19 situation and its impact on football.

Since the outbreak of this pandemic, the Malta FA has been pro-active in assessing various scenarios, constantly communicating with all the stakeholders and drawing up medical protocols and guidelines accordingly.

In view of this, the Malta FA strongly rebuts the claim made by the MFPA that “comprehensive and sustainable protocols addressing various possible scenarios should have been established by MFA in line with health authorities” as this doesn’t correspond to the truth.

In fact, the Malta FA had not only presented a detailed health protocol for the potential resumption of football competitions in the early months of the pandemic but prepared an updated COVID-19 health protocol and guidelines that have been duly communicated to the clubs, in addition to the recommendations and guidelines on the return-to-competition adopted by SportMalta in consultation with the local health authorities with whom the Malta FA has been in regular contact.

Furthermore, the Association has set up a COVID-19 consultative panel, which also comprises representatives of the Government, to continue addressing the evolving circumstances and challenges caused by COVID-19, always prioritising the health and wellbeing of players and all those involved in football.

The Malta FA has recently extended its call to the health authorities to ensure that adequate measures are introduced and coherent directives issues for the resumption of football activities.

The MFPA also intimated that it “submitted its medical protocol recommendations back in May” but in truth they had only shared the FIFPro guidelines which are mainly intended for full professional leagues but clearly don’t take into consideration the complexities and specificities of Maltese football.

Challenging and unprecedented times like these call for collaboration and co-operation from all the stakeholders rather than finger-pointing.