Executive Board approves amendments to Return to Play Protocol

Football will be resuming as of Monday the 17th of January, with the first matches from the BOV Premier League’s matchday 14

Access to stadia will be aligned with recent changes announced by the public health authorities. Spectators will be requested to show a valid vaccination certificate, as defined by the said authorities. At a meeting held on Wednesday, the Association’s Executive Board approved the necessary amendments to its Return to Play Protocol, subject to any further decisions taken or directions given by the health authorities.

The Malta FA wishes to clarify that anyone who is already in possession of a ticket for any of the matches that were rescheduled may use the same ticket for the same fixture as rescheduled. Any queries in relation to ticketing can be sent to tickets@mfa.com.mt.

Sale of tickets for the next rounds of matches will be online as of Thursday 13th January 2022. Tickets can also be purchased in person in advance from the Malta FA Merchandising Shop on Tuesdays (2pm-4pm) and Fridays (10am-1pm).

(More information on what constitutes a valid vaccination certificate could be found here: https://deputyprimeminister.gov.mt/en/health-promotion/covid-19/Pages/travel.aspx )