MFPA complains about “disproportionate decisions” by MFA board

The Malta Football Players Association issued a statement in which it said that in light of some recent decisions taken by the Board of Control, Discipline and Ethics of the Malta FA, it felt compelled to highlight the discrepancy between the sanctions issued against Players as opposed to Clubs – it seems that players who make mistakes, even in good faith, are strongly sanctioned whilst clubs are getting away with soft admonitions even in the light of serious offences.

“In a recent case involving Marsa FC, a Player was handed a six-month suspension for playing in a Youth League game while serving a 2-match suspension. When asked to clarify his position by the Board, the player said that a Club representative had informed him that his suspension had been for one game only and, therefore, he was free to play. The Player also told the Board that he was not aware that he had been listed in the team sheet for the said game under a different name.”

“The Club did not contest the player’s version of events and went on to admit they had included other ineligible players in the teamsheet. In this case the Club was fined a mere €500, while the player, who was essentially following the direction given by a Club representative, was suspended for 6 months.”

“In another case, Qrendi FC admitted to the charge that they had forged a player’s signature on an official document – a serious offence. The only sanction given by the Board at the hearing held on 27th June 2022 was a deduction of 3 points if, and only if, the Club is found guilty of repeating this same offence during season 2022/2023.”

The MFPA concluded its statement by making it absolutely clear that it does not condone any kind of irregular and unethical behaviour, wherever it comes from and whoever is responsible.

“However, these types of disproportionate decisions are appalling, do not serve the sports community and do not support the claim that sports justice works. The offences above described are very serious and perpetrators cannot get away with them with just a slap on their hand! Such decisions harm Maltese football in general.”