Maltese referees control matches in Kosovo

Referees Emanuel Grech and Mario Apap, assisted by assistant referees Paul Apap and James Muscat, controlled matches from the Superliga and the Liga e Parë (First Division) in Kosovo this weekend.

Emanuel Grech controlled the Superliga clash between FC Prishtina and FK KEK-u at the Stadiumi Fadil Vokrri on Saturday. The game ended in a 1-0 win for Prishtina which enabled them to join leaders Feronikeli on top in the Superliga. Grech was assisted by Paul Apap and James Muscat with Mario Apap as fourth official.

On Sunday, it was the turn of Mario Apap to control the Liga e Parë match between KF Drenasi and KF Besa Pejë which ended in a goalless draw. Apap was assisted by Paul Apap and James Muscat with Emanuel Grech as fourth official.

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