Naxxar Lions Nursery lays out plans for future

In a well-attended meeting held earlier today, the Executive Board of the Naxxar Lions FC Youth Nursery laid out its plans for the forthcoming season and also the long-term plans.
Nursery Chairman, Mr Dione Drago welcomed the many parents who accepted the Nursery’s invitation to attend the meeting and explained the plans behind the formation of the present Nursery Board and that for the first time in many years the board is working directly with the board of the parent club in order to have a continuity for our children. This is already evident today in that our senior team has a majority of players who are relatively young and most of whom have just terminated their participation in our Nursery teams. 
Following Mr Drago’s introduction, Nursery Head Coach and Senior Team Coach Mr Alex Delia gave a brief insight to those present as to how from the coaching aspect the Nursery has now a comfortable number of qualified coaches who will enable the Nursery to reach its goals for the future both in short-term as well as long-term, and hopefully we will in the very near future have a senior team formed solely of players from Naxxar. A couple of short presentations were then shown mainly concerning the scope behind a Nursery and what is expected from parents in order that we may guarantee a better future for all children attending our Nursery.
At the end a short question-time and discussion mainly concerning training-sessions which commence as from next Saturday 12th September together with membership information concluded the meeting, and there was a very positive response from the parents present which augurs well for the Nursery’s present and future plans.