Hamrun Spartans unveil new sponsor

Hamrun Spartans unveiled their new sponsor Fresh Electric during a press conference which was held at the Hamrun Spartans complex on Saturday. Fresh Electric is an Egyptian company which produces home appliances.
After welcoming the distinguished guests which included President Emeritus Prof Guido Demarco, the Egyptian Ambassador for Malta Abdel Mawgoud Ahmed El Habashy, representatives from Fresh Electric and Hamrun mayor Vince Bonello, Hamrun Spartans president Daniel Sullivan spoke about the club’s achievements throughout the years.
Sullivan thanked Fresh Electric vice-president Mr Yousef Khalil for this sponsorship and said that it was only thanks to such sponsorship agreements that the local game could progress. He augured that this sponsorship agreement is only the beginning of a long sporting relationship, saying that sports should serve as a link between the two countries.
Ambassador El Habashy spoke about the links between the two countries and about the opportunities that Egyptian businesses could have in Malta. He said that by such sponsorships, common goals could be achieved and concluded by wishing Hamrun Spartans success.
Fresh Electric Marketing Manager Ms. Chantal Khalil said that business can be more than just supplying a product or service and could put people closer together. She said that such agreement, which was achieved following an initiative of the company’s sole representative in Malta, Mr Joseph Bugeja, was a way of achieving this. 
President Emeritus Prof Guido Demarco spoke about the good relationship between the two countries saying that Egypt has always been a strong supporter of Malta in the Mediterranean. He said that for Arabs, Malta is a close friend in Europe.
Prof Demarco said that although the club may have not been that successful at times, hopefully such sponsorship will help the club achieve success. He said the club’s objective should always be that of being permanently at the top and that the club should always work hard to show supporters, it deserves their support.
Meanwhile president Daniel Sullivan revealed that the club is working hard towards strengthening the team in January with another two players, on loan from other clubs.