Hectic weekends for Region 3

Nurseries forming part of Region 3 were involved in a number of activities between the last weekend of February and the first week of March. A festival for children born 2004 was held at Safi Nursery. Around 110 children spent a half-day playing under the scorching sun. Another 100 children born 2000 attended two sessions which were held the following day. The nursery coaches conducted these successful sessions under the guidance of region coach Twanny Rocco. A number of modern training exercises which will be used in Region 3 nurseries were introduced. A number of parents were also present.

Activities continued during the first weekend of March. Pietà, Msida and Marsa nurseries organised a number of tournaments for different age groups. Region 3 coaches and helpers will be attending a seminar on the 29th March at 6pm which will be held at Safi Local Council premises. Mr Stephen Grima, Mr Andrew Decelis and Mr Christian Bartolo will be the main speakers at this event whereby they will talk on various themes namely ‘Education & The Coach’ and ‘The Relationship between the coach and the parents’.

Thanks to positive feedback from Region 3 nurseries, a number of instructional meetings and festivals for different age groups are also planned for the month of April.