Pembroke Athleta FN hosts Juventus Soccer School

Pembroke Athleta Football Nursery were the proud hosts to the Juventus Football School during the Easter period. The Group included a contingent of sixty children and various Italian coaches together with some parents.

Contacts through the Club’s first team Coach, Charles Borg made it possible for the visit to take place. Juventus Football School children were taken on a cruise in the Mediterranean, calling at various Cities where friendly games and training sessions have been organized as part of the School’s programme.

Children aged six to fifteen years from the Pembroke Athleta Football Nursery were thrilled to spend a whole morning playing friendly games against their more illustrious opponents who were certainly not superior to the local lads.

In all, four different categories of Groups were organized for the games, i.e. Under 7/8/9, Under 10, Under 11/12 & Under 13/14/15.

The Juventus School directors also chose the same Pembroke Athleta Football Turf Ground to conduct a training session for their children in the afternoon, having found the facilities and environment offered as very modern and of a high standard.

This event has been a great experience for the Pembroke Athleta Football Club/Nursery and they look forward to similar opportunities in the near future.