IFT – Individual Football Training

IFT will be giving Individual football training for young players that want to improve their basics and skills. Special attention to each player is going to be given. By attending a nursery or any other school is not enough to improve in football. A training session with 15 or 20 players in number cannot go in detail on each player. It’s impossible that a coach can concentrate on each and every player.

This is what we experience when we coach at our nurseries. A player that lacks a particular skill or even a basic skill will not improve as it is impossible to focus on this player only during a normal training session. This is why many players grow up and they still lack from that particular skill.

As all of us know in Malta we don’t have a big selection of players to choose from like other more populated countries so we cannot afford to loose more players because they were not well guided when they were younger. Eventually this particular individual attention will make the difference between an average player and an above average player.

IFT will do a test on each player and each player will get a report. IFT will go in details on each player and tackle those missing skills. In groups of not more than six players we will concentrate on each player. Players will be selected and put in groups with similar needs.

HOW, WHY and WHEN are the questions that we are going to focus in each training session. For example… HOW you pass the ball, WHY you pass the ball and WHEN to pass the ball. If you are interested to join please contact Claude Chetcuti on 79442447 or Renzo Attard on 79472935