Award-winning Senglea Nursery launches summer activities

The Senglea Nursery launched this year’s Summer Sports Activities which the nursery will be holding over a six-week programme.

Senglea Nursery President Mr. Stephen Spiteri presented these activities as a means of leisure and entertainment during the summer season. These activities are open to all Senglea youths and youngsters under the age of sixteen. Different activities, swimming and waterpolo sessions, are being offered.

These activities are being organised for the third consecutive year after a most successful first two editions of these summer activities during which over eighty participants took part in the various activities with great enthusiasm.

Mr. Spiteri explained that this project started two years ago and the nursery’s efforts were rewarded by the Youth FA who awarded the prize for the best nursery in organizing Summer activities and the first prize by UEFA for the organization of these activities. In 2008, the Senglea Nursery shared the YFA award with the Mgarr United nursery.

This year’s activities include board games, swimming races, sprints, basketball shoot-outs, penalty shoot-outs, playstation tournaments, billiards and table soccer. There are over fifteen activities to choose from and one could participate in any of the preferred activities. Mr. Stephen Spiteri stressed that all these activities will be free of charge and all participants will be presented with a participation medal. Winners will be given a trophy.

During this presentation of Senglea Nursery’s Summer Activities, in a hall packed with participants and their parents, the draws were made in order for the activities to start in a few days’ time.

Apart from these competitive games, Senglea Nursery is also organizing swimming training lessons, regatta training, lessons in the bo??i game, tuition of band instruments and as from this year, dancing lessons.

Senglea Nursery is also introducing training sessions for all Cottonera youths and youngsters in the game of Waterpolo. The nursery is disappointed that despite all the effort and work carried out to install the Waterpolo pitch near Senglea’s Ponta with the necessary permits issued by the Mooring Committee, this pitch installation was refused by the Grand Harbour Marina, since they sustained that no swimming should be done in the Port’s coast due to the yachts.

Discussions are still being carried out with the Malta Transport Centre Chief Officer of the Ports and Yachting Directorate and both parties are hoping to find an imminent solution.

The Senglea Nursery president concluded by stating that these activities are there to promote friendship between all Cottonera’s young generation and to aid these participants both physically and physiologically in a friendly, safe and enthusiastic environment.