New season for Hamrun Spartans YN

The new football season for Hamrun Spartans FC Youth Nursery will commence on 13 September 2010 at the Victor Tedesco Stadium. The whole week starting 13 September 2010 will indeed be an open week where new recruits will be allowed to train for free at the Victor Tedesco Stadium, a venue where top-level football is played. Parents are encouraged to visit the Hamrun nursery website to confirm dates and times when training sessions for different age categories are being held.

This year, the nursery committee decided to introduce a new motto for the nursery bearing their legacy to the Spartans in mind when choosing it. The new motto is “NEVER SURRENDER” and its aim is to instil a sense of loyalty, determination and pride in the young players towards the glorious black and red shirt as from a young age.

Applications for the registration of boys and girls born between 1994 and 2006 are now open. Nursery officials will be at the Tony Bajada Centre in Alexander Street (next to the five-a-side pitch) every day between 6.00pm and 8.00pm. The registration form may be downloaded from the nursery website.

Children registering for the first time with the nursery are required to bring four passport-sized photos and an original government birth certificate. All children have to be accompanied by at least one of the parents presenting an ID card.

The registration fee will be €140 for the whole season. In the case of the registration of another brother/sister, the fee would be an extra €50 only. Registration fee for girls is €50 only as the nursery aims to re-organise the whole girls section set-up with the help of a new sub-committee.

An innovation for this year is that all boys and girls will be required to undergo a basic medical assessment at their own GP. With the kids’ health as a main priority in mind, Hamrun Nursery believes that this medical screening may indeed make a difference. This assessment will also be used by the coaches to tailor training methods for each individual kid. Information provided will be held with the strictest confidentiality.

The Hamrun Nursery contact numbers are 27527058, 79478302 or 79462811 and may also be contacted on email address or