Hamrun Spartans Youth Nursery tournaments

Hamrun Spartans FC Youth Nursery will be organising as in previous years Tournaments and Festivals during the season. Three Tournaments/Festivals will be organised during this season, the Firetech Christmas Football Festival, Tony Bajada Memorial in Easter holidays and the Sports Experience Challenge Cup on the 1st of May.

The thirteenth edition of the Christmas Football Festival sponsored by Firetech Ltd will be held on the 8thand 12th of December 2010 at the Victor Tedesco Stadium in Hamrun. This Football Festival is being organized with the permission of the Amateur, Youth and Grassroots Committee.

The Categories for this year’s Edition are as follows:
Class A: Boys born after January 2003
Class B: Boys born after January 2001
Class C: Boys born after January 1999
Class D: Girls born after January 1996

Class A u D will be played on 5 vs 5 bases, where each team can register not more than 10 players.
Class B will be played on 7 vs 7 bases, where each team can register not more than 12 players.
Class C will be played on 9 vs 9 bases, where each team can register not more than 14 players

Each player will be presented with a Sportive/Educative Memento at the end of the Festival. An overall Fair Play award will also be presented.

The fee for participants taking part in the Festival is €50 for Class A, €60 for Class B and D, and €70 for Class C. More details will be given during the press conference which is going to be held in late November at Tony Bajada Centre.

Interested Nurseries are to fill in the application form received and send it to the secretary, Centru Tony Bajada’, Hamrun Sports Complex, Alexander Street, Hamrun, or e-mail to noelde@go.net.mt, hamrunspartans@gmail.com or call on 79462811, 79478302, 99492976, by not later than Monday 15th November 2010