MFA Live – a new programme on TVM

One of the first initiatives in the way of propagating more effectively the image of the MFA and all that it stands for will be a TV programme by name ‘MFA Live’ to be presented on TVM every week on Thursday at 5.25 pm.

The first programme will be aired on TVM on Thursday, 7th October, 2010

The aim of the programme is to promote what is positive and educational in the game of football. The 30-minute progamme will in fact be based more on these elements rather than previews, reviews, analysis and discussions which are normally best left to other TV productions from a variety of local stations.

This should help provide an increased awareness of the positive and social values which the association strives to imbue and thus help educate the public. Thus ‘MFA Live’ will be more than a medium of normal sports programmes of this genre.

The series of programmes will be presented by MFA Domestic Media and PR officer Mark Attard.