First major tournament to be held at Sliema Nursery's new premises

As the first major event at its new premises, the Sliema Wanderers Nursery held an innovative activity as it combined a football tournament with the fun element associated with Halloween.

The football tournament was organised for the younger age groups namely those of the Under 8, 9, 10 and 11 years and to avoid as much as possible pressure on these young players no official scores or placing were kept.

To add to the element of fun, a Halloween hall was set up were the participants could enjoy themselves having their face painted and playing other fun games between the football matches.

The popular singer Joe Mallia kept the parents entertained with his inimitable style of performing well known songs and melodies.

Most of the players also brought with them drawings with the themes of Halloween and football and these were all exhibited in the hall for all to admire the effort done.

Besides Sliema, the football nurseries of Birkirkara, San Gwann, Melita, Luqa St. Andrew’s, Hamrun Spartans, Hibernians, Floriana, Luxol and Pietà Hotspurs participated and cooperated fully to make this day an enjoyable event for all the young players and their parents.