The Roger Strickland Cup launched

The Roger Stickland Cup was launched on Monday during a press conference at the MFA Headquarters, Ta’ Qali. The meeting was presided by the club Presidents and coaches as well as by MFA CEO Bjorn Vassallo.

Swieqi United President, Mr Ralph Agius Fernandez, thanked the founder of the Cup, Mr Roger Strickland Jr., for his initiative and explained that the Cup aims at promoting 3rd division football as well as reviving the tradition of creating a healthy rivalry between two forward looking clubs. The event would bring together two clubs which are new to the Maltese Football arena and who share the same values of good work ethics and love for the game.

Mtarfa President, Mr Joseph Vassalo, echoed Fernandez’s statements and thanked Mr Roger Strickland Jr. for putting forward this challenge.

MFA CEO, Mr Bjorn Vassallo, expressed his delight at the launch of “The Roger Strickland Cup” stating that it was good that ‘challenge cups’ were being revived. He also stated that a lot of emphasis is given to the Maltese Premier Division but the lower divisions also have plenty of talent and enthusiasm to offer. The Cup would offer the 3rd Division extra exposure especially since the event will be held on a yearly basis and may include other clubs in the future. Vassallo thanked Mr Roger Strickland Jr. and both clubs for their initiative, adding that he recognised the great deal of work needed to run a football club especially when one takes into consideration the fact that football clubs are very much dependent on people working on a voluntary basis. He concluded by praising both clubs for their work and their policy of promoting football across the

The Cup match will take place on the 9th of January at 10:00am, Rabat Ajax Ground, Mtarfa.