Malta Futsal School to participate in events as part of UEFA Futsal EURO mini-tournament

The Malta Futsal School’s next upcoming event will be their participation in the UEFA FUTSAL Euro 2012 preliminary round qualification matches to be held at the Cottonera Sports Complex between the 21st and the 24th of January 2011.

Children from the school will assist as ball boys during matches played between the four nations taking part in Group D: France, Lithuania Bulgaria and hosts Malta.

Members from the school will also be participating in fun games on Sunday the 23rd of January at the Cottonera Sport Complex. This day will be also considered as an OPEN DAY (9am to 12:30pm) for all interested children, aged between 7 and 14 years, who are willing to find out what Futsal and the school are all about. On this special day, all those attending will also have the opportunity to meet with some national team players from the four different nations taking part in this preliminary round qualification tournament.

All those interested in joining this open day event may apply within the Malta Futsal School. For more information please contact 79016016 or e-mail Malta Futsal School holds session every Thursday at De La Salle College.