First edition of Lotto Goalkeeper Battle to be held next month

The first edition of the Lotto Goalkeeper Battle which will be held on Thursday 31st March at the San Gwann Football Ground from 10:00 am onwards.

The event consists of a competition on a knock-out basis between goalkeepers of various ages starting from Under-9 onwards. All goalkeepers are eligible to participate in this competition.

The categories are: Under-9, Under-11, Under-13, Under-15, Under-17, Under-19 and Seniors.

There will be thirty two goalkeepers in each category and will battle one against one for a place in the final.

The San Gwann Ground will be divided into six pitches, each measuring 10m by 15 metres including two goal-posts where the various categories will be held.

The challenge consists in a goalkeeper starting with the ball on his goal line and he has two steps to either throw or kick the ball into the other goal. Goals can be scored in a maximum time of five seconds. If the throw or kick ends off target, the other goalkeeper gets possession.

For more info call 79620045 or 99496628 or send an email to or