International festival organised by Paola Hibs

Paola Hibs Football Nursery is organising its Annual International Festival between Friday 20th and Sunday 22nd May for players born in 1999.

The festival will be held at Hibernians Stadium. Eight teams confirmed their participation two of which are
foreign clubs including Hereford United and Burnley FC Academy.

Matches will be played as follows:

Friday 20th May:
18:00 – Paola Hibs v Burnley; St Patrick v Luxol St Andrew
18:40 – Pieta H v Hamrun S.
19:20 – Paola Hibs v St Patrick; Burnley v Luxol St Andrew

Saturday 21st May:
08:30 – Pieta H v Hereford United; Hamrun S. v Melita
09:10 – Paola Hibs v Luxol St Andrew; Burnley v St Patrick
09:50 – Pieta H v Melita; Hereford United v Hamrun S
10:30 – Paola Hibs v Melita; Burnley v Hamrun S
11:10 – Pieta H v Luxol St Andrew; Hereford United v St Patrick
11:50 – Hereford United v Melita

Sunday 22nd May:
08:30 – Paola Hibs v Pieta H; Hamrun S. v St Patrick
09:10 – Burnley v Hereford United; Luxol St Andrew v Melita
09:50 – Paola Hibs v Hamrun S.; Pieta H v St Patrick
10:30 – Luxol St Andrew v Hereford United; Burnley v Melita
11:10 – Luxol St Andrew v Hamrun S.; Burnley v Pieta H
11:50 – Paola Hibs v Hereford; Melita v St Patrick

For further information one may visit or send an email to