Applications to join Coerver Coaching Football School

Coerver Coaching Football School is accepting applications for the second term.  Coerver Coaching is an independent organization and there is no link with local clubs or other private football schools.

As we all know football is all about skills, 1v1 and 2v2, speed and small group play and Coerver® Coaching use a special method to teach these topics. Players are divided first by ability then by age into groups with a typical coaching ratio of 12 to 1.

Players are divided as below:

The Coerver® Mighty Mites training program is for boys and girls aged between 5?8, born 2006?2005?2004?2003 every Tuesday at 5.30pm, St. Catherine’s College, Pembroke.  This football training program consists of 1 session of 75 minutes a week. Fun is the cornerstone of the curriculum with an introduction to basic skills and a positive experience in the game featuring individual and team contests, small sided games. The atmosphere is energetic and joyful as we encourage all football players to learn to love the

The Coerver® Development  is open to boys and girls between 9?13 years, born 2001?2002 every Wednesday and born 1998?1999?2000 every Friday at 5.30pm, St. Catherine’s College, Pembroke. This
football training program consists of 1 session of 75 minutes a week.   The Coerver Coaching Football School
develops individual skill in all areas of the game with emphasis on Ball Mastery and beginning Move Sets. To develop confidence, football players are given time to gain competence in new skills before defensive pressure is added.  When a level of competence has been established, small sided games which encourage the use of new skills are played.

The Coerver® Advanced is available for boys and girls aged between 10?12 years, born 1999?2001 every Monday at  St.Catherine’s Collage, Pembroke. This football training program consists of 1 session of 75 minutes a week.  The Coerver® Advanced teaches more complicated moves and swiftly puts players into competitive games with an emphasis on 1v1 and 2v2 play. Small group tactics are also taught and small sided games are played featuring fast break attack and counter attack. The importance of fast transition play is stressed and players are encouraged to play creatively and freely and to use their new skills in games. Football players are also put in many situations which require decision making as that is a key
ingredient to advanced play. Football players are also taught the difference between a good first touch
and the right first touch with emphasis on receiving the ball skillfully but also tactically away from
pressure and quickly into the attack.

All Coerver ®Coaching Football School programs are 12 Week programs. If you are interested to join please contact Coerver Coaching Malta Director Claude Chetcuti on 79442447, by email on or visit our website