MFA president highlights targets for 2012

MFA President Norman Darmanin Demajo explained the association’s targets for the coming year during the traditional end-of-the-year speech during the last Council meeting for 2011.

Darmanin Demajo opened his speech by mentioned what were the positive points for the past season where he highlighted the infrastructural projects as one of the biggest achievements. He said that over seventeen months, twenty-three artificial turf pitches were completed.

New formats for the National Leagues and the FA Trophy were approved and kicked-off this season while for the first time, regional pitches are hosting league and trophy matches.

The MFA president explained that a number of appointments were made with the newly-appointed persons being ones which their line of thought was on the same wavelength as that of the current administration. He mentioned the appointment of Robert Gatt as Technical Director as one of the best decisions taken by this administration.

Darmanin Demajo went on to mention the appointment of Adrian Casha as Director of Refereeing and Joe Cassar as Head of International Department and other important appointments in the finance department, ticketing department, Franz Tabone as Integrity Officer and the sterling work of the marketing department which renewed sponsorship agreements with BOV and Maltco, secured a new sponsorship for the national team with FXDD and is working to secure other commercial partners for the national team.

The MFA president said the results obtained by the Under-21 national team were another positive aspect for the past year and hoped the team will collect more than the five points it won so far.

He also mentioned the fact that Council and Executive Committee meetings are no longer being held late in the evening but early in the afternoon.

Norman Darmanin Demajo said the most negative point for the past twelve months was the alleged corruption case surrounding the Malta national team match against Norway. He described it as a “black page” and stressed the association is doing whatever possible to help with the investigation and has no interest in trying to hide anything about the case.

Another negative point was the termination of the contract of the two national team coaches although he said this decision was taken for the benefit of the national team.

Clubs’ finances are something one has to continue to worry about while as regards corruption, a contract with Sportradar has been signed in order to monitor any patterns of illegal betting.

Another negative aspect were the problems with MEPA and authorities with regards to the upgrading of facilities.

Among the targets of the Malta Football Association for the coming twelve months are the work involved in improving the association and clubs’ infrastructure and the Sports Science Centre.

He went on to say that the association will continue to work in order to make the Technical Centre an open learning centre.

Darmanin Demajo concluded by saying that clubs will hopefully start to understand the importance of Financial Fair Play. He said the association will be launching a business model for Premier League clubs which should help the latter in matters of financial fair play.

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