Malta Futsal School offering free trials

For the second year running, the Malta Futsal School is currently underway with sessions being held once weekly at De La Salle College.

MFS is open for boys and girls aged between 6 and 14 years of age and is based on specialized Futsal training which in turn helps players build the basic skills and fundamentals of a football player. The school offers a free trial for those interested before becoming school members and is currently open for new memberships.

More information can be obtained on the school’s website or by calling on 79016016. One can also access the school through their fan page on Facebook.

Since players need to be aged 16 to play in the local Futsal league, the school shall of next year hold a session for players aged between 14 and 16 years. This is being done to enable school members to follow their ambition to play in the local Futsal league and also to enable all those kids who want to try and play this exciting sport.

The Malta Futsal School would like to thank the Malta Futsal National team coach Mr. Vic Hermans for his contribution given towards the school during his term. He has recently visited the school and stressed the importance of this sport. He wished all members the best of luck and encouraged them to train as hard as they can as who knows, one day they might be able to represent their country.