Bir?ebbu?a Windmill celebrate 40th anniversary

Forty years ago, organized football for youth and children was almost inexistent. It was in March 1972, that the first committee of Bir?ebbu?a Windmill and the first Under 16 team, were founded. The team first participated in a league organized by the RAF in Luqa, where they placed in second place.

In the following years, the nursery took part in the tournaments which were organized by the National Sports Board, the Junior Football Association and the Under 15 Football Association. Then in 1982, following an initiative for Fr. Hilary Tagliaferro, the Youth Football Association was founded. Bir?ebbu?a Windmill were also one of the founding members.

After the YFA was founded, more nurseries joined the setup and youth football became more organized. One should note that our Under 16 team, participated in the first final organized by the YFA against Naxxar, which took place in the National Stadium in Ta’ Qali.

To celebrate the 40th anniversary, the committee is organizing various activities, such as a thanksgiving mass, an exhibition of children’s drawings and photos of our past, the publication of a book, a reception at the nursery premises, a day of Fun Festivals for our young footballers, a dinner and a trip to Gozo.