Luqa St. Andrew's Youth Nursery Summer Camp 2012

This summer the Luqa St.Andrew’s FC YN will be holding the Summer Football Camp. The training camp is open to all children, boys and girls, whether they are currently registered with Luqa YN or not. Sessions will be held once a week in the evenings.

This year’s training camp will focus particularly on skills with the ball as well as Co-ordination and agility. During this 8 week training camp, particular attention will be given on the weight control and healthy eating project which the nursery has launched during the past season.

Sessions will be carried out every Thursday from 5.30pm onwards. Apart from the weekly session, the nursery is planning to organise outings for children and parents during the summer period. These activities will vary from swimming, sailing, bowling to cultural and historical outings.

The attending fee, which includes a free Luqa St.Andrew’s YN Summer Camp T-shirt and a token, is of 35 euro. All those interested in attending the summer camp kindly contact the nursery at or on mobile number 99868730.