Gzira Nursery focuses more on getting the best out of the player's qualities

Football is a beautiful game. It brings different emotions, social skills, fitness, recreation and in some cases money too. At the Gzira United Nursery our top priority is not winning trophies, but we work hard on helping our kids enjoy football in each sense.

As a coach, Max Zammit puts aside his personal glory and tries to focus more on getting the best qualities out of each player. This coming season he looks forward to continue working on what he started. During his one year stint with Gzira’s Under 15s, he managed to give each player plenty of playing time in the Youth FA Under 15 National League. Every player had numerous chances to contribute to the team. The improvement was impressive, and our home-grown players, together with other new players who had little opportunities with their previous nurseries, managed to enjoy their time with us, play great football and obtain excellent results.

Apart from failing to win the section for a mere 3 points, according to the Youth FA Final Disciplinary Record, they managed to be amongst the top in their section, and the 5th fairest and most disciplined team in all sections. The players were educated to respect their opponents and game officials in every situation.

This approach was adapted in all age groups, were much similar results were obtained.

This was done thanks to the investment and dedication that the Gzira United Nursery committee, in collaboration with its parent club Gzira United F.C. have injected specifically for the football game. This is just the beginning, and with Gzira United F.C. aspiring to be in Premier League in 2013, things seem to be quite promising.

The Gzira United Nursery confirmed coaches: Kevin Aquilina, Max Zammit, Simon Shead, Jason Mangani and James Tabone. Recently the nursery also appointed the experienced Mr. Gordon Camilleri as club’s Head Coach and Clayton Bonello as Under 13 coach.

Should anyone born 1998/1999 or any other ages, be interested in forming part of this prosperous project, or any other information, please contact us on: prgziranursery@gmail.com or Head-Coach Gordon Camilleri : 99845071