Gharghur Football Summer School goes 'Healthy Eating'

As the hot and sizzling sun was descending, the children at the Gharghur Summer School 2012, in collaboration with Coerver Coaching, were introduced to some healthy options.

This was an initiative to nurture the importance of a healthy lifestyle and good well-being for these young athletes.

This activity was introduced to integrate more the families and friends of the children attending the Gharghur Football Summer School within the sports environment. Whilst the kids were eating fruit kebabs and yogurts, the parents challenged themselves by having a try in a penalty shoot-out against an ex-Maltese international goalkeeper, where two prizes were won. These activities were the first amongst others that put an emphasis on child development within the social aspect in the world of football.

As a matter of fact on Monday 30th July, these children will venture the Ta’ Qali Stadium where a tour around the National Stadium and other fun games will take place. This will serve as a motivational activity so that the children will grow up to fulfill their dream.

For more information and to join us in this adventure for our champions call Carl on 99234161.