Msida St. Joseph target promotion

Second Division side Msida St. Joseph presented their new signings during a press conference which was held at the club premises on Saturday.

New signings include Lee Baldacchino, Trevor Templeman, Wayne Buttigieg, Richard Attard, John Agius, Stacy Vella, Oswald Zammit, Mauro Grioli and Shawn Magro.

President Mr. Joe Demarco addressed the media and the supporters that were present and he discussed in detail the clubs goals for the forthcoming season. Mr Demarco said that after last’s year consolidation season in which the club bravely tackled its financial situation, this year the club will aim to regain a stronger foothold in Maltese football by claiming promotion.

This target is not set because the club is dreaming, this target is set after discussions with the coach were held in which Mr Anthony Dalli was immediately confirmed for this season and Mr Dalli identified several players which he needed to be able to fight for promotion. After successfully assembling a squad which is very capable of holding its guard against all clubs in the division the committee and the technical team feels that it is a realistic goal to aim for promotion. Keeping in mind that this season 4 teams goes up this another incentive in which the club can aim for promotion.

The coach Mr. Anthony Dalli addressed those present in a heartfelt message in which he guaranteed that his team will fight for every ball and assured that the team is motivated to earn this promotion. Amongst the cheers from the crowd present Mr. Dalli ensured that this is going to be an interesting season and thanked the supporters for always following the team.

Club Captain Matthew Borda thanked the committee for assembling a strong squad and he shared the beliefs of the coach and the president that the club is in a position to fight for promotion.

Hon. Mr. Robert Arrigo spoke about his involvement with Msida St. Joseph FC. He said that he feels honoured to be associated with the club and is glad that the club is aiming for bigger things. He stated that this is the 2nd year running in which he is sponsoring the club and wished all the best to Msida St. Joseph Football Club.

Amongst further cheers for the fans present Mr. Johann Said addressed the media and the fans. Mr. Said said that it was an honour for him to be the main sponsor for Msida St. Joseph FC. He also promised his full support and commitment to the committee and promised that he will work hand in hand with the committee towards achieving the club’s goals. Mr. Said ended by wishing the fans, the committee and even the players to instill a sense of belief in themselves and always be positive and think like champions even when the results doesn’t come their way, most importantly is to always come out of the pitch with their heads held high and act like champions. The crowd present continued cheering for Mr. Said’s comments.

The president Mr. Demarco then ended by thanking everyone present and wished for the continued support from all the Msida St. Joseph FC fans.