UEFA officially confirms decision on life-ban for Kevin Sammut

UEFA announced in a statement that former Malta international midfielder Kevin Sammut has been banned from football-related activity for life for breaching UEFA’s principles of integrity and sportsmanship.

The match under investigation was the UEFA European Championship Group C qualifying match between Norway and Malta (4-0) in Oslo on 2 June 2007.

“Sammut has been banned from exercising any football-related activity for life by the UEFA Appeals Body, for breaching the principles of integrity and sportsmanship laid down in Article 5 of the UEFA disciplinary regulations (involvement in attempting to manipulate the outcome of a match).”

“Kevin Sammut had originally been handed a ten-year suspension from exercising any football-related activity by UEFA’s Control and Disciplinary Body on 17 August 2012, a decision which was appealed against by the player himself, as well as by the UEFA Disciplinary Inspector, who requested a life ban to be imposed.”

UEFA announced that it had requested FIFA to extend the present decision so as to give it worldwide effect.

An appeal to the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) may be lodged within ten days of the dispatch of the reasoned decision.

“With regard to the other Malta players Kenneth Scicluna and Stephen Wellman, the Appeals Body considered that the findings of the disciplinary inspector were insufficient to take disciplinary measures,” concludes the statement by UEFA