Thirty nurseries take part in Youth FA's 'Investing in the Future' programme

Thirty nurseries, including players, coaches, administrators and parents took part in a number of initiatives of the Youth Football Association with the help of the Kunsill Malti għall-Isport in the programme ‘Investing in the Future’. This was announced by Parliamentary Secretary for Youth and Sport Clyde Puli during the presentation of certificates to the participating nurseries.

Puli said that the Youth FA was one of the associations who worked hand in hand with the government in its mission to nurture a sports culture as it invested its finances and energy in the physical and social development of children and youths.

The Parliamentary Secretary said that the Government always insisted on the true values of sport which go beyond the physical activity itself – building the character of youths and contributing to the country’s economy. Puli said that the programme which was launched last year in order to continue to invest in the future of children, nurturing them in the culture of sport.

The programme consisted of eight psychology sessions for which twenty-one nurseries and eighty coaches took part. The sessions were meant to give participants basic psychological knowledge, including the role of coaches on and off the pitch and the way how a coach influences children and his responsibility. Other sessions included nutrition sessions for administrators, coaches and parents and seminars about the protection of children in sport.

A programme of biomechanical screeing was held for youngsters aged 12 to 14. Three hundred and fifty youngsters from sixteen nurseries have already done this test. The benefits of these tests which identify problems of non-contact injuries that may develop in future were explained during a presentation to parents, coaches and sports administrators.

The government, through the KMS, will be launching another programme in order to reach more nurseries. This will include more sessions about nutrition and a booklet about this topic will be distributed to players. More bio-mechanical tests will be carried out and a doping awareness programme will be launched.

Clyde Puli said that in the past five years, the government invested heavily in sport, including the 52 football grounds done in partnership with the MFA, the setting-up of the National School of Sport, scholarships and the incentives given to parents who send their children to nurseries.

Photo: Pierre Sammut – DOI