Luxol Sports Club take part in Youth in Action exchange

luxolAn informal group of 10 young people who practice a variety of different sports, represented by Luxol Sports Club and members of the said Club, guided by group leader Coach Billy Mock, have gotten together to develop a Youth in Action exchange through a project “Breaking Frontiers” which through non-formal learning will develop their commitment toward European Citizenship and Employability in a an exchange promoting a healthy lifestyle through Sports and Outdoor Activities.

The preparation provided to the youths by Luxol Sports Club as the Promoter in this Youth Exchange will include a range of skills and knowledge that will prepare them for the non-formal learning in the UK. To meet the practical skills requirements a Basic First Aid Course by the Malta Red Cross Society is currently under way, a qualification that will enhance the youths’ future employability and confidence in everyday life circumstances and any medical first aid emergencies they might encounter.

The development of language skills and awareness of Scottish culture will be conducted with them prior to their attending the youth exchange in the UK. To deliver this preparation for the above, a programme covering all aspects of the exchange is being delivered by group leader Coach Billy Mock prior to their leaving for the exchange.

As preparatory to the exchange, the youths took part in voluntary work involving painting and gardening at Casa Leone ex-Blue Sisters, Home for the Elderly, St. Julians.

This project is co-funded by the Youth in Action programme with support from the European Commission.