Peter Busuttil stresses the need to re-brand the game

peter-busuttilOne of the six candidates for the post of MFA vice-president, Peter Busuttil, stressed for the need of re-branding of the local game. Busuttil was speaking during an informal meeting with journalists which was held on Wednesday at Ristorante La Vela, Msida.

Running for the posts apart from Busuttil are Carmelo Bartolo, Ludovico Micallef and Alex Manfre together with Dr Chris Bonnett and Donald Spiteri.

Peter Busuttil said he was not in favour or against someone in particular. He said he was in favour of continuation in some aspects and was in favour of some initiatives which were taken over the past three years. However there were still things that needed to change.

Busuttil said the passion for the game is what drives him and what encouraged him to run for the post. He said he could offer his expertise in marketing and branding to increase the popularity of the game as unfortunately the people’s perception is rather negative.

He said football should be promoted more, not only with those who usually watch the game but also with women and children – making stadiums more family-oriented.

To change the perception, one should start from schools and the community. Football nurseries should be academies for life skills and not just football skills.

Busuttil concluded by stressing he is ready to work with any of the other candidates as he has nothing against other candidates for the posts of president and vice-presidents.

The election will be held on Saturday during the Annual General Meeting of the Malta Football Association at the Grand Hotel Excelsior.