Malta Women's Football Friendlies announces Facebook Page

20110417-114224.jpgFacebook has more than 1.06 billion monthly active users. Malta Women’s Football Friendlies is now one of them. Malta Women’s Football Friendlies has announced it’s Facebook page, The social media site is a place where Women can learn more about Women football (Soccer) and interact to organise football matches.

Malta Women’s Football Friendlies is now on Facebook at The new social media site is a place where players can learn more about women football and organise football matches and events.

According to Facebook, there are over 1.06 billion objects that people interact with (pages, groups, events and community pages) and every month, more than 250 million people engage with Facebook on external websites

The new Facebook page features events that the page hosts, like football matches. It also displays news about Maltese Women’s football and football videos from around the world.

Malta Women’s Football Friendlies hopes that users will visit their Facebook page to learn about football (soccer) events, news and form a community with like-minded people.

Our aim is to encourage females to play women’s football and to promote the sports. We have identified a need where females would like to play football with some ‘friends’, or would like to give it a try without joining a professional football setup. Unlike men’s football, women often experience difficulty finding players to organise a friendly. The aim of our Facebook page is to solve this.