BOV Division 3: Third win in a row for Swieqi

bov-third-division-2013-2014Swieqi United maintained their hundred percent record in the BOV Third Division as they beat Qrendi 2-0 at the Centenary Stadium on Friday.

Kenneth Ekezie put Swieqi ahead on the 9th minute and Fabian Debono doubled the score three minutes in the second half.

Another six matches are in programme on Saturday at the Charles Abela Stadium, Luxol Stadium and the Sirens Stadium.

QRENDI Clive Caruana, Saviour Sultana, Andre Formosa, Clive Psaila, Mark Ellul, Paul Hili, Robert Darmanin, Jesmond Azzopardi, Stefi Cale (58′ Cain Azzopardi), Terence Cachia (56′ Paul Bezzina), Christian Mifsud.
SWIEQI Matthew Sapiano, Matthew Asciak, Luca Burlo (46′ Christopher Dalli), Glendon Refalo, Elton Caruana, Smon Borg, Fabian Debono (84′ Robert Magro), Thomas Naudi, Kenneth Ekezie (79′ Timothy Hampton), Abner dos Santos, Adam Wingfield.
Referee: Jurgen Spiteri