St Andrew's International Football Tournament 2013

luxol-xmas-tment2013-posterSt. Andrew’s FC in conjunction with Luxol Sports Club will be organizing the 4th Edition of the International Christmas Football Tournament between 23rd and 30th December at the Luxol Stadium.

In this Tournament, which will be spread over six days, nineteen teams from ten Football Nurseries and a foreign Football academy will participate, where around 342 players will be taking part in 41 matches of non-stop football.

This edition will be dedicated to players born after January 2001, 2000, and 1998 coming from the Nurseries of Birkirkara, Hamrun Spartans, Melita, Mosta, Pietà Hotspurs, Paola Hibs, Sliema Wanderers, Valletta, Chievo Santa Sofia and St. Andrews.

All matches, played on 11 v 11, will be controlled by MFA referees but Club Linesmen will be used only for the 2001 Fun Festival Category.

This was announced last Monday by Mario De Battista, Administrator of St. Andrew’s Youth Nursery, while addressing a Press Conference held at the Luxol Stadium. Present for the meeting was Mr Joe Micallef, The YFA General Secretary.

De Battista said that during the course of this year’s Tournament, St Andrew’s would like to deliver a message both to the parents and the coaches involved. He said that it is very important for the parents who will be attending, to let their children enjoy playing freely the game they love. Also it is very important for the coaches to make use of all the players registered for this Tournament. This will help a lot to assist and watch the joy and fun within these youngsters and see more football spectacle. He added that to compliment all this, for this Edition, the Organizing Committee will be using the slogan: “My Parents came here to WATCH ME play”.

Mr Joe Micallef, Secretary to The Youth FA said that today this Tournament has now proved the well organization since it started, while moving its way to the fourth Edition. He noted with satisfaction that the theme used for this Edition is focused more on the players then on the parents and coaches. He appealed to all coaches to help to avoid any type of incidents and play with respect.

Mr Micallef took the opportunity to mention the players’ passport which was launched by The Youth FA earlier last week. He said that this passport will be guiding us about the development of these young players, apart that the players themselves will have a memory record of the main Tournaments that they participate in, during their carrier. He ended up his address by auguring all participants a most enjoyable Tournament and to deliver a message of Sports Respect.

Whilst thanking the Youth and Grassroots Committee for their support to organize this 4th Edition of the St Andrew’s Christmas International Tournament, Mr De Battista went on to give the full details of the Tournament.

The program opens on Monday 23rd December whereas the tournament kicks off at 08:30Hrs with the first match and ends on Sunday 30th December with the 1998 and 2000 Category Finals.