FXDD sponsorship for youth academy

fxdd-sponsors-academy2014FXDD Malta Ltd has signed a sponsorship agreement with the recently renamed Golden Grain Youth Football Academy, a project that has been in the making for the past five years and has enhanced over the years.

The main objective of the academy is to assist children, including those with special needs and social issues, to improve themselves, both academically and physically through sport, mainly football.

The areas of focus are namely the following:
• Health and education – On arrival, children are given a healthy snack. Teachers are available not only to assist children with their homework but also to provide guidance for a healthier lifestyle. Seminars on nutrition are also part of the future plans. Acknowledging the importance of computers in this day and age, a fully equipped computer lab has been set up for children to learn and improve necessary computer skills.
• Sport – Participants, both male and female, will be streamed by age, provided with training kits and trained by qualified coaches.
• Live-ins – All children can participate in weekend stays at the academy, where classroom and sport programmes will help them better integrate with society.
• Mini medical centre – A medical team specializing in sport injuries will be available during training hours and will also offer rehab facilities when necessary.

One has to appreciate that each and every person working at the academy does so voluntarily, without any form of remuneration. Chairman Mr Victor Camilleri has thanked FXDD’s Chairman and Directors profusely for their trust and belief in this project.