Javier Zanetti to hold training camp at Luxol

Fundacion_PUPIInter captain Javier Zanetti will be organising a coaching clinic at the Luxol Stadium between May 30 and June 1 at the Luxol Stadium following an agreement with organisers Paul Fenech and Luxol St. Andrew’s. This training camp will be held in aid of Fundacion Pupi.

Fundacion Pupi is a charitable institution which was established by Javier Zanetti and his wife to aid less fortunate children from the Favellas in Argentina. Mr. Zanetti will be donating the money collected from this camp to Fondacion Pupi,

The training camp is scheduled to take place on Friday 30th May, Saturday 31st May and Sunday 1st June 2014 and is open for children born between 2007-1999. Price is €90.

Javier Zanetti will be present for all sessions and will personally go round and supervise all the groups attending. Training will be of a high standard according to specifications set by Mr. Zanetti and his team.

The camp will be open to all nurseries on the Island.

The children attending this camp will also be invited to a dinner at McDonalds with Javier Zanetti.